How to Dissolve Breast Cysts

How to dissolve breast cysts naturally and easily

I want to share my breast cyst story because if you are already prone to breast cysts or you just found one you can rest easy and get rid of them yourself within a week or so. It’s super easy!

I found my first and second lump in my breast in 2006 when Saturn Saturnwas conjunct my Leo Moon The Moon& Jupiter Jupiter. I add this here for all of you who understand the language of astrology because I am pretty sure that there is a correlation between challenging transits between Saturn and the Moon and breast lumps because the next time I got a series of breast cysts was seven years later when Saturn was square my Moon and Jupiter. Who knows – maybe Jupiter plays a little bit of an exaggerated, excessive part in this for me.

Saturn is a restrictive energy and when it transits your Moon (which rules the breasts, feelings, nurturance, how you take care of yourself) in any of the challenging aspects: conjunct, square or opposition there is a tendency for the individual to do absolutely no self-nurturance, to not care at all about Self, to feel lonely, like a bit of a failure and perhaps a bit depressed. Ayyy, Saturn! The key, I think, is that you know what would be good for you but you just can’t muster the energy to do it. There is no energy to be kind to yourself, no energy to do something that would make you feel better….I think this is key. In some people (we all have our weak areas) this transit/these feelings are going to manifest as lumps in your breasts (moon rules breasts). I’ve noticed that women born with the Moon in Capricorn The MoonCapricorn(Saturn rules Capricorn) are prone to lumps in their breasts, too.

Learn how to dissolve your breast cysts naturallyOK so, astrology out of the way, I discovered this lump while I was in Mexico and I freaked out. Of course, I thought it was probably the worst possible thing it could be. I went to a healer here who felt it and said that it was likely just a breast cyst since it was softish and I said that it hurt. Apparently, in some cases cancer is hard like a rock or gravel and doesn’t hurt.

So, my worry was slightly assuaged but she told me to see a doctor in Canada to be sure. I was in Canada a month later and the diagnosis was breast cyst. Phew!! What a relief. The doctor inserted a lonnnng needle into my breast and tried to extract the liquid inside the cyst but she couldn’t do it. I said, “Try again!” She was taken aback because I guess it’s not often that people insist on being stuck by a long needle, again! But I really just wanted the lump gone. I could see the damn thing when I was lying on my back and I could feel it between me and the person I was hugging! It was about 2″ by 1″. She couldn’t get it after a second try either so I had to make an appointment with a specialist, unfortunately. The specialist, of course, inserted the needle and extracted the greeny-brown liquid on the first try. Thank goodness, no more cyst! The next time I got one I just asked my boyfriend to make it go away with his healing powers and he did 🙂 But that’s not my suggestion for you! 🙂 Nooooooo. There is another way!

The next time I got a breast cyst was in 2013 when Saturn was in Scorpio, squaring my Moon in Leo. Sigh. You’d think with my previous experience and the knowledge that I was experiencing a Saturn square Moon transit that I could have stopped the lump from forming in it’s tracks by being good to myself (which I usually am!) But, nooooooo. I went through the same feelings of “I don’t care, I’m just going to sit here and watch another movie and NOT move my body or attempt to make myself feel better….” Sigh. But, this cyst seemed to come out of nowhere and was HUGE…like 3″ long and 1″ wide! Ack!

I went to a German healer, who specialized in live blood analysis and dark field microscopy, who explained that cysts like these are like the garbage bins of the body. Any toxins in the body get shoved over to one area and create a lump together so that they are out of the way of all the healthy cells. What we need to do is to get the toxins in this lump to leave the body. There are a couple of ways to do that. My huge cyst was gone in just five days and when I got another one a few months later I repeated my cure and it was gone in a few days, too. 🙂

So, here is what you do!

Dissolve your breast cyst with bentonite clay and coconut oil


Make a thick slurry with either bentonite clay or zeolite clay and some coconut oil. The consistency should be paste-y not dribbly. Pack it on to your breast on top of the lump, extending it out around the lump an inch or so. Then, take a napkin or cloth/plastic bandage and with tape that you can use on skin (don’t use normal tape – I did and owwwww, it hurt taking it off!) tape the napkin or plastic on to your breast. Sleep the whole night with this pack on your breast. Rinse off in the morning. Repeat every night. Drink a lot of warm water to flush your system….drink at least 2 liters a day.


Do this breast lymph massage three times a day. It is super simple. I found this video online and it is great. It will get your lymph moving in your breast which will help to drain the toxins in your cyst. If your breasts tend to feel painful and/or fibrousy just do this exercise and, voila, pain-away!! It totally works.

That’s it! You’ll be so happy that you discovered this method. It is so easy and so effective!

If you don’t know what your astrology chart looks like you can go here to find out how to generate it, for free, of course 🙂  It is my personal page that describes how you create it and some basics on reading your own chart. Who knows – maybe you have a Saturn transit to your Moon, too, or a natal predisposition symbolized by your natal Saturn aspecting your natal Moon in a challenging way!? A Capricorn Moon may carry the same “hard on yourself” predisposition that can lead to lumps.

I hope this gets to the people who need it. I had searched the internet about how to deal with breast cysts on your own and had found absolutely nothing.

Here’s to self-awareness and taking care of yourself!!

(and to happy, healthy breasts! 🙂 )


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  1. Hi Tracey,
    I have been looking for advice like this for a long time. I have had a few breast cysts for years. There are moments, like now, when they become really painful and tender. What you wrote is something totally new to me and I’m going to give it a go straight away. Hopefully I’ll be able to find bentonite clay in England (I’ve never heard about it).
    Worrying thing is that you associate cysts occurrence with Saturn. Unfortunately this planet is strong in my birth chart. Saturn creates the Grand Trine with my ascendant in Capricorn and four other planets (Moon, Mercury,Mars and Pluto) additionally is in opposition to Venus and Neptune. Pure trouble. It looks like it never let go.
    But I’m full of hope and looking forward to positive outcome. I’ll let you know soon if it worked for me.

    Lots of love


    1. Hello Ewa! Excellent – you will for sure be able to find Bentonite Clay powder in England (probably a health food or supplement store). Remember to do the lymph massages, too, so that the ‘garbage’ that’s getting stuck can move on through after/while the clay/coconut oil packs dissolve them.

      Interesting about Saturn in your chart…and Capricorn ascendant. The trine with Saturn is good and helpful for focus, discipline, stability, Reality….it’s probably the Saturn opposite your Venus/Neptune that is the culprit. Sooooo in addition to doing the packs and lymph massages you should definitely treat yourself really WELL, you know? Don’t be hard on yourself. Indulge your desires and fantasies (venus/neptune) – you an actually use Saturn to help MANIFEST your desires…..your ‘dream’ (venus/neptune)…allow yourself TO dream….day dream…even though Saturn has a restrictive quality don’t forget that it has a manifesting/focus quality, too….AND Saturn is there, partially, to remind us of our FUNDAMENTAL Selves….if there is something that we are ignoring or covering up…Saturn will let us know and make it a little difficult for us just so that we can actually SEE what it is that we need to prune away or express more fully…

      I would think that when transiting Saturn squares this opposition every seven years that that’s when it feels the most difficult – but also when you need to be more aware of not being hard on yourself and of doing things that nurture yourself. Watch for transits that help you to stir up and bring more freedom (Uranus) to this aspect or that brings you spiritual insights (Neptune) or transforms and heals (Pluto) this aspect, too….

      I hope this helps and would love to know if you have success dissolving them! It totally works for me, so I’m hoping it will work for you, too 🙂


  2. I have a cyst that’s been there for a little while.. I have Saturn sq moon in my chart .. but anyway I believe I got it when Saturn was approaching my moon to conjunction.. I drank a lot one night and the next day my breast had a pimple .. oh well .. now I am wearing a new t shirt with the name of the liquor (I don’t even drink it) haha I got it in sale…interesting cycle..

    1. Is your cyst on top of the breast or inside? Mine are always inside….but they DO disappear with a little work AND being good to yourself. Darn Saturn!! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this information! I have a cyst and it’s painful, I’ve had a lumpectomy and it’s not cancer but sometimes its very tender. I’m going to try this bentonite clay and massage. Thanks again!! I definitely appreciate this natural remedy. I do have one question, would changing my diet to a vegan diet help with preventing the cysts from coming back? Thanks

    1. Sorry I’m just seeing this Dawn! Now that you’ve had some weeks to do the clay packs and lymph massage I wonder how your cyst is? I hope it’s all gone! I have been told that cysts act like a garbage can for toxins…it’s the way the body deals with toxic chemicals that it can’t manage – so the less toxic/processed food you eat the better. But then there are also Environmental toxins – so best to keep those to a minimum, too! Ingesting Bentonite clay is REALLY good for getting rid of toxins – even 1 tsp in water a day may keep future cysts away! I found a great page on all the benefits here: Keep me posted!

    1. I am imagining you cyst free, too. Remember to do the lymph exercise three times a day, too! Ahhh one of my best friends is a Scorpio Tiger! 🙂

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