When does your Personal Wavespell start?

Find out when your Personal Wavespell starts

Click on the Wavespell Group that includes your Galactic Signature

For example: I am a White Crystal Mirror. So I search for White Crystal Mirror in the signatures below and see it among the Blue Hand Wavespell group, so that’s my Wavespell. My Galactic Birthday is on the 12th day, the Crystal day.


Next one: March 30, 2020
Last one: July 13, 2019
Last one: October 26, 2018
Last one: February 8, 2018

Red Magnetic Dragon
White Lunar Wind
Blue Electric Night
Yellow Self-Existing Seed
Red Overtone Serpent
White Rhythmic World-Bridger
Blue Resonant Hand
Yellow Galactic Star
Red Solar Moon
White Planetary Dog
Blue Spectral Monkey
Yellow Crystal Human
Red Cosmic Skywalker


Next one: April 12, 2020
Last one: July 26, 2019
Last one: November 8, 2018
Last one: February 21, 2018

White Magnetic Wizard
Blue Lunar Eagle
Yellow Electric Warrior
Red Self-Existing Earth
White Overtone Mirror
Blue Rhythmic Storm
Yellow Resonant Sun
Red Galactic Dragon
White Solar Wind
Blue Planetary Night
Yellow Spectral Seed
Red Crystal Serpent
White Cosmic World-Bridger


Next one: April 25, 2020
Last one: August 8, 2019
Last one: November 21, 2018
Last one: March 6, 2018

Blue Magnetic Hand
Yellow Lunar Star
Red Electric Moon
White Self-Existing Dog
Blue Overtone Monkey
Yellow Rhythmic Human
Red Resonant Skywalker
White Galactic Wizard
Blue Solar Eagle
Yellow Planetary Warrior
Red Spectral Earth
White Crystal Mirror
Blue Cosmic Storm


Next one: May 8, 2020
Last one: August 21, 2019
Last one: December 4, 2018
Last one: March 19, 2018

Yellow Magnetic Sun
Red Lunar Dragon
White Electric Wind
Blue Self-Existing Night
Yellow Overtone Seed
Red Rhythmic Serpent
White Resonant World-Bridger
Blue Galactic Hand
Yellow Solar Star
Red Planetary Moon
White Spectral Dog
Blue Crystal Monkey
Yellow Cosmic Human


Last one: May 21, 2020
Last one: September 3, 2019
Last one: December 17, 2018
Last one: April 1, 2018

Red Magnetic Skywalker
White Lunar Wizard
Blue Electric Eagle
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior
Red Overtone Earth
White Rhythmic Mirror
Blue Resonant Storm
Yellow Galactic Sun
Red Solar Dragon
White Planetary Wind
Blue Spectral Night
Yellow Crystal Seed
Red Cosmic Serpent


Next one: June 3, 2020
Last one: September 16, 2019
Last one: December 30, 2018
Last one: April 14, 2018

White Magnetic World-Bridger
Blue Lunar Hand
Yellow Electric Star
Red Self-Existing Moon
White Overtone Dog
Blue Rhythmic Monkey
Yellow Resonant Human
Red Galactic Skywalker
White Solar Wizard
Blue Planetary Eagle
Yellow Spectral Warrior
Red Crystal Earth
White Cosmic Mirror


Next one: June 16, 2020
Last one: September 29, 2019
Last one: January 12, 2019
Last one: April 27, 2018

Blue Magnetic Storm
Yellow Lunar Sun
Red Electric Dragon
White Self-Existing Wind
Blue Overtone Night
Yellow Rhythmic Seed
Red Resonant Serpent
White Galactic World-Bridger
Blue Solar Hand
Yellow Planetary Star
Red Spectral Moon
White Crystal Dog
Blue Cosmic Monkey


Next one: June 29, 2020
Last one: October 12, 2019
Last one: January 25, 2019
Last one: May 10, 2018
Last one: August 23, 2017

Yellow Magnetic Human
Red Lunar Skywalker
White Electric Wizard
Blue Self-Existing Eagle
Yellow Overtone Warrior
Red Rhythmic Earth
White Resonant Mirror
Blue Galactic Storm
Yellow Solar Sun
Red Planetary Dragon
White Spectral Wind
Blue Crystal Night
Yellow Cosmic Seed


Next one: July 12, 2020
Last one: October 25, 2019
Last one: February 7, 2019
Last one: May 23, 2018
Last one: September 5, 2017

Red Magnetic Serpent
White Lunar World-Bridger
Blue Electric Hand
Yellow Self-Existing Star
Red Overtone Moon
White Rhythmic Dog
Blue Resonant Monkey
Yellow Galactic Human
Red Solar Skywalker
White Planetary Wizard
Blue Spectral Eagle
Yellow Crystal Warrior
Red Cosmic Earth


Next one: July 25, 2020
Last one: November 7, 2019
Last one: February 20, 2019
Last one: June 5, 2018
Last one: September 18, 2017

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog


Next one: August 7, 2020
Last one: November 20, 2019
Last one: March 5, 2019
Last one: June 18, 2018
Last one: October 1, 2017

Blue Magnetic Monkey
Yellow Lunar Human
Red Electric Skywalker
White Self-Existing Wizard
Blue Overtone Eagle
Yellow Rhythmic Warrior
Red Resonant Earth
White Galactic Mirror
Blue Solar Storm
Yellow Planetary Sun
Red Spectral Dragon
White Crystal Wind
Blue Cosmic Night


Next one: August 20, 2020
Last one: December 3, 2019
Last one: March 18, 2019
Last one: July 1, 2018
Last one: October 14, 2017

Yellow Magnetic Seed
Red Lunar Serpent
White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Self-Existing Hand
Yellow Overtone Star
Red Rhythmic Moon
White Resonant Dog
Blue Galactic Monkey
Yellow Solar Human
Red Planetary Skywalker
White Spectral Wizard
Blue Crystal Eagle
Yellow Cosmic Warrior


Next one: September 2, 2020
Last one: December 16, 2019
Last one: March 31, 2019
Last one: July 14, 2018
Last one: October 27, 2017

Red Magnetic Earth
White Lunar Mirror
Blue Electric Storm
Yellow Self-Existing Sun
Red Overtone Dragon
White Rhythmic Wind
Blue Resonant Night
Yellow Galactic Seed
Red Solar Serpent
White Planetary World-Bridger
Blue Spectral Hand
Yellow Crystal Star
Red Cosmic Moon


Next one: September 15, 2020
Last one: December 29, 2019
Last one: April 13, 2019
Last one: July 27, 2018
Last one: November 9, 2017

White Magnetic Dog
Blue Lunar Monkey
Yellow Electric Human
Red Self-Existing Skywalker
White Overtone Wizard
Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Red Galactic Earth
White Solar Mirror
Blue Planetary Storm
Yellow Spectral Sun
Red Crystal Dragon
White Cosmic Wind


Next one: September 28, 2020
Last one: January 11, 2020
Last one: May 6, 2019
Last one: August 9, 2018
Last one: November 22, 2017

Blue Magnetic Night
Yellow Lunar Seed
Red Electric Serpent
White Self-Existing World-Bridger
Blue Overtone Hand
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Red Resonant Moon
White Galactic Dog
Blue Solar Monkey
Yellow Planetary Human
Red Spectral Skywalker
White Crystal Wizard
Blue Cosmic Eagle


Next one: October 11, 2020
Last one: January 24, 2020
Last one: May 9, 2019
Last one: August 22, 2018
Last one: December 5, 2017

Yellow Magnetic Warrior
Red Lunar Earth
White Electric Mirror
Blue Self-Existing Storm
Yellow Overtone Sun
Red Rhythmic Dragon
White Resonant Wind
Blue Galactic Night
Yellow Solar Seed
Red Planetary Serpent
White Spectral World-Bridger
Blue Crystal Hand
Yellow Cosmic Star


Next one: October 24, 2020
Last one: February 6, 2020
Last one: May 22, 2019
Last one: September 4, 2018
Last one: December 18, 2017

Red Magnetic Moon
White Lunar Dog
Blue Electric Monkey
Yellow Self-Existing Human
Red Overtone Skywalker
White Rhythmic Wizard
Blue Resonant Eagle
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Red Solar Earth
White Planetary Mirror
Blue Spectral Storm
Yellow Crystal Sun
Red Cosmic Dragon


Next one: November 6, 2020
Last one: February 19, 2020
Last one: June 4, 2019
Last one: September 17, 2018
Last one: December 31, 2017

White Magnetic Wind
Blue Lunar Night
Yellow Electric Seed
Red Self-Existing Serpent
White Overtone World-Bridger
Blue Rhythmic Hand
Yellow Resonant Star
Red Galactic Moon
White Solar Dog
Blue Planetary Monkey
Yellow Spectral Human
Red Crystal Skywalker
White Cosmic Wizard


Next one: November 19, 2020
Last one: March 4, 2020
Next one: June 17, 2019
Last one: September 30, 2018
Last one: January 13, 2018

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Yellow Lunar Warrior
Red Electric Earth
White Self-Existing Mirror
Blue Overtone Storm
Yellow Rhythmic Sun
Red Resonant Dragon
White Galactic Wind
Blue Solar Night
Yellow Planetary Seed
Red Spectral Serpent
White Crystal World-Bridger
Blue Cosmic Hand


Next one: March 17, 2020
Last one: June 30, 2019
Last one: October 13, 2018
Last one: January 26, 2018

Yellow Magnetic Star
Red Lunar Moon
White Electric Dog
Blue Self-Existing Monkey
Yellow Overtone Human
Red Rhythmic Skywalker
White Resonant Wizard
Blue Galactic Eagle
Yellow Solar Warrior
Red Planetary Earth
White Spectral Mirror
Blue Crystal Storm
Yellow Cosmic Sun

Now, find out how to best use your 13-Day Wavespell as a fantastic intention-setting time for the next 260 days to come….

mayan astrology personal wavespell 13 days

26 thoughts

  1. I cannot find my next calander date in 2018 for Yellow Electric Sun as dates listed on here end in 2015/6 any help or suggestions?

    1. Hi Andrew! Thanks for letting me know I needed to update this page! Your next personal wavespell starts with White Mirror on June 5, 2018 πŸ™‚

  2. Hi , Loving having stumbled across all this! Super fascinating and enlightening stuff , thank you. Where can one understand the Kin.. ? i.e . I am polar kin? what does this refer to? clan blood ? harmonic : rhythmic store? can you point to where to investigate further. Thanks !

    1. Hi Wendy! So happy you’re enjoying this information – I really love the mayan system, too! I don’t have much information on the kins – just this page that shows the ‘families’ and how you cycle through each of the daykeepers in your ‘family’ each year: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Mayan_Astrology_Theme_Year.html (that’s my old/original website) So strange, I just did a google search on the subject you’re interested in and not much came up! Erg. There used to be more information that would come up…perhaps using a different search engine will do it. Anyway – when you click on my link to see what other daykeepers are in your Family you’ll notice that probably two of them are in your galactic signature…perhaps even three. To me, the Families just symbolize the energies that are the most important for you to work with in this life time. You meet these energies within your Self and outside of yourself through other individuals. Wish I had more answers or links for you….but happy exploring!!

    1. Ahhhhhh sweet! So great to meet a fellow White Crystal Mirror! I know a few others and I have to say we are a pretty interesting bunch! Ha! Strong ideas! πŸ™‚ You, too?

    1. Hi Arkapratim!

      Since your birthday is November 3, 2002 your Galactic Signature is Red Rhythmic Moon. The Tone Rhythmic is Tone #6 – all about bringing Divine energy into the World. Triangle pointing up and triangle pointing down πŸ™‚ = 6 points. Red Moon asks that you remember your Inner Wise Person. You can read about Red Rhythmic Moon here: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Pages/red_rhy_moon.html

      Soooo your LAST personal wavespell was on July 1st, 2018 and your next one will be on March 18, 2019 and run for 13 days. Your Wavespell will always begin with Yellow Seed…the first day of the wavespell always carries a significant energy…for you, you’re coming into the world with this Yellow Seed energy which means trusting that allllll will unfold naturally…..since it’s all encoded inside of you just like a seed becomes the tree it was meant to be…so trust is key here…no need to really try πŸ™‚ More information on your wavespell is here: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_Yellow_Seed.html


  3. Hello!
    Thank you for all this information, I’m new to this and find it a bit confusing to understand.
    I was looking for my next wavespell but could not find my signature on the list, I am Blue Crystal Hand…

    1. Hello Asta, Blue Crystal Hand! (I am Crystal, too πŸ™‚ )

      Thanks for letting me I need to update my wavespell dates! I just looked yours up and yours always begins with Yellow Warrior and ends with Yellow Star….firey, passionate, warm, high-vibration-harmony bookends. Your Galactic Birthday falls on the 12th day (Crystal). The whole wavespell starts on May 9th, 2019. When the time comes you can follow along each day here: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_Yellow_Warrior.html

    1. Hi Jenni! Your Galactic Signature is Yellow Cosmic Human (ahhhh nice one! The Tone Cosmic is always interesting…meaning that you go with the flow, like spontaneity, resonate with radical change and freedom…movement…) and so your Wavespell always starts with Yellow Sun and the next ones starts May 8, 2020 πŸ™‚ The outline is here: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_Yellow_Sun.html

      Enjoy- it’s coming up soon!

  4. Help! I’m soooo fascinated but don’t know if I’m calculating correctly and all the dates are 2019 and prior. Is there nothing in and after 2020?

    1. Hi Alana! I totally fell behind updating the wavespells but I just updated them all so all the current 2020 dates are available! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder and enjoy!

  5. I am a White Spectral Wizard.
    I have been studying the Galactic Calendar, but recently wanted to go more in depth as I found out that I have a Galactic Activation Portal.
    I kept seeing 8:20 alot. Which is also my birthday. I felt like something significant is going to happen on my birthday.
    My 13 day Wavespell!!!

    1. Hi Mandy. Hmmmm THAT is interesting! I am fascinated by the numbers that people see. For the last few years I have been seeing 1:23, 2:34, 3:45 – which imply, to me, that everything is in order, there is a sequence..and something is going to happen…I felt like I was waiting for something….and then just a couple of months ago (while we’re in ‘lockdown’) I saw: 3:21…and I got goosebumps…because the implication was: 3….2….1…BLAST OFF! Like…this is IT…this is what you were waiting for! Ayyy yay yay. So, yeah, important juncture right now for the world….sensing a Death and Rebirth…

      Anyway πŸ™‚ So you were born August 20th? And you keep seeing 8:20? Yes, if your intuition tells you that this is a message about your upcoming birthday then it likely is…but then, let’s also look at the number vibrations themselves… 8 represents Abundance and Power and in the Mayan tones it’s Galactic which encourages you to vibrate at the higher level of Harmony and Love. Being the Harmony yourself. 8 is a powerful number! Step into your Power…Empowerment. 20 could actually be referring to 2020…but in itself 2 is about Duality/Polarity and Relationships and 0 is your connection to your Divine Self and All That Is….so mayyybe what I’m getting is that it’s through coming at your Relationships (and any divisiveness or opposition) via the more wise and compassionate lens of your Divine Self will Empower you!

      Being born on a GAP day seems to make you feel everything a lot more intensely…the veil is thin and you’re connected to more realms than just this 3D physical one…so if you use your power wisely and can master your thoughts you will really be able to manifest and create the life and, by extension, world, you want…

  6. Hey! πŸ™‚ I wanted to let you know that I spend the whole afternoon reading your blog posts…:) I love it all! Started from reading about my Dreamspell and once I read your story about Mexico I was in love πŸ™‚ Everything you write about resonates so much with me and my love for self-discovery and the magic of following our beautiful personal paths! I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for writing and sharing:) I’m sending you a big friendly hug from Bulgaria and I hope you’re doing good!

    1. Ooooh thank you so much for writing, Tanya!! I feel a kindred spirit in you! Receiving your hug from Bulgaria and sending you back one from Mexico! xoxoxoxo

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