Two Systems Converge: 2016 is an Ending year and 2017 is a Beginning year in two different cycles!



2016 is almost finished and as we say goodbye to this year we can also take this opportunity to actively and consciously clear out all that we’d like to leave behind! You see, 2016 is the last year in two different cycles! So we’ve got a massive convergence of ‘ending’ energy here to work with – super powerful!!

Numerologically, 2016 adds up to 9 – the last year in a 9-year cycle that started fresh with a 1 year in 2008. Think back to 2008…what started for you? What new opportunities presented themselves to you? Did you finally realize a long held dream that springs from your Individual, independent Self? (1)

Also, in the Mayan Dreamspell calendar 2016 is a 13 year (the “Cosmic” tone, 13), which is the last year in a 13 year cycle. This cycle started fresh with Red “Magnetic” Skywalker, tone 1, back in 2004. Think back to 2004 – was there something that you needed to have courage (Skywalker) to do in order to start something new in your life? Did you need to loosen your moorings to what was known in order to leap into something new and unknown?

Soooooo…in 2017 we enter a 1 year in both systems.  Because it’s a double whammy of One energy, I think we need to pay attention and do our best to harness this new-possibility energy coming into our lives, yes!

Both systems are now in sync for the first time in 117 years! Yes, seriously! I just figured that out! 🙂 The last time it was a 1 year numerologically and a 1 year in the mayan dreamspell calendar was January 1st, 1900! Cool eh?

So….what can we do, you ask? Well…I have been noticing some themes in myself and in my friends and we all seem to be clearing out old ‘stuff’ by the boat-load! It’s time! All the energies are now available for us to reeeeeeally do some major clearing out! We need to get it all out before 2017 starts so we can enter 2017 totally fresh and clean…we don’t want to take any of that garbage with us, right? Nooooooo – get it out out out!

I’ve noticed that events that occurred since both 2004 and 2008 that were difficult have been popping up again for clearance. Soooo if you yourself are wondering why some old thing is rearing it’s ugly head again please just welcome it! Consciously see it, acknowledge it and then send it on it’s way. It needs to come up before it can be cleared out!

Issues that may be coming up….old angers, hurt, rage, broken-heartedness…personality traits that feel like they are that way because of past lives…even past life events that you may have lived with forever can be cleared out now!

I have done a lot of amazing ‘work’ using what Jungian’s call ‘Active Imagination’ – I didn’t even realize that there was a name for what I was doing until after I started doing it! All you need to do is go into a meditative state and call forth the person or issue onto your inner screen…then simply ask your question (What do you need? Why am I effected by you like I am? How are you? – whatever is appropriate)…and then observe. Relax and observe. Let whatever wants to unfold, unfold. I had one of the most major breakthrough‘s in my life using this method late September 2016 for a past life issue that had been needing to be cleared where the figure on my ‘screen’ ended up transmitting to me the way he was feeling and it was soooooo powerfully beautiful and healing – and it was something I didn’t ‘know’ at all!! (I am in the midst of writing a post about this whole experience!)

So, you can try that.

Also – it wouldn’t hurt to do some sort of body cleanse so that your body is totally taken care of and feeling clear and clean and loved so that your energy doesn’t have to be wasted on dealing with toxin buildup (How pedestrian! We have better places to put our energy, right?). I have all sorts of links on bentonite and psyllium cleanses, master cleanses, apple fasts etc. here: An Assortment of Cleanses!

The other thing that would be absolutely FANNNNNTASTIC would be to do a daily writing exercise to address every single hurt, betrayal, guilt, embarrassment, anger that you’ve experienced in your life! Sounds daunting but, seriously, when I finished this exercise after two weeks of writing every day for 20 to 30 minutes I felt like a new person! The writing took away the charge of all of those situations! It really did! It was pretty damn cool. I write about how to exactly do the writing exercise here: Scroll to the bottom to the #3 point in blue – all about the writing exercise


Soooo, whatever you choose to actively do in these final days of 2016 just keep in mind that the energies are supporting you to clear away allllll old outworn structures that are either real physical structures (job, home, relationship) or are structures of your beliefs about yourself or the world you live in. It’s time to heal those old emotional wounds. Now is the time! Whether they came from this life or a past life. Get rid of them! They are taking up space that could otherwise be used for something that you reallly want! 🙂

We want to move into 2017 as fresh and clear as can be so we can welcome the energy of the clean slate in…move nimbly amongst the new possibilities that present themselves and/or rise up out of our fresh state of being….! Right? Yes! The main thing is: Don’t take any garbage into 2017 with you! Leave it all behind 🙂

Here’s to using these last few weeks of 2016 productively….happily say goodbye to everything that no longer serves your highest good…

Lots of love to you!!


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  1. Looks good and so helpful. I just packed up everything and made a major move, physically, mentally and emotionally. So interesting that my life is changing in a major way at this most auspicious time. Happy Trip Around the Sun~!

  2. Thanks, Tracey! This is so helpful, as 2016 is a 9 year for me personally too, Which makes 2017 a triple whammy for me if I’m reading you right. 🙂 And wow have I ever been clearing! In light of what you’ve written, I’m excited about what 2017 will bring.

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