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  1. Hi ! Love your site and have referred to it for a few years now. Over the years my eyesight hasn’t gotten any better though 🙂 I thought I’d mention to you that it is very difficult to read some of your text due to font, color or background. Ex.: When reading the Heart on your TCM organ clock the red background make for difficult reading. Just a positive observation and not criticism. Thank you for making this precious info available to us all. Blessings !

    1. Hi Deborah! Awwwwww thanks, I love hearing from people who have known my website from years ago. Yeah, when I made the astrodreamadvisor.com website it was in 2002 and I was young and my eyesight was perfect!! It didn’t even occur to me that it might be difficult to read, of course. O Youth! 🙂 But in the last couple of years I started to make my new website: http://www.lightcenterlove.com and it is much easier to read – plus there are no roll-overs since smart phones can’t do those. I am slowly trying to make new pages on my new site from my old site. That TCM page will have to be completely changed (I love roll-overs!!) since smart phones do things differently – so that’ll be coming. Thank you for the constructive criticism, I do appreciate it. Poco a poco…

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