Which Cleanse is Right for You?

My favourite easy-to-do, inexpensive cleanses that will clean the toxins out of your body and keep you healthy…

The Bentonite & Psyllium Bowel Cleanse, Liver Flush, Parasite Cleanse, Master Cleanse and the 3-Day Apple Fast.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds. Claim and consciously use your power. Louis Hay
You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds. Claim and consciously use your power.
Louis Hay

I think I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to cleansing and detoxing. The only reason I started to cleanse in 2002 was because I’d had a very significant-feeling dream that I sent to one of my favourite dream-interpreters to give me some extra insights because I felt like I must be missing something – and he said that the dream was telling me that I needed to cleanse my physical body in order to be able to receive higher, less dense energies. He explained that so much of my energy was going to just dealing with the toxins in my physical body that there wasn’t any energy left over for higher, more spiritual matters. Coooooool!

It probably didn’t take a professional dream-interpreter to tell me that the Beluga whale I was communicating telepathically with in my dream (he was standing on his tail – sooooo tall! So alien-looking!), was indicating I needed to clean myself out because, after all, the beluga whale himself told me so! At one point in the dream he took out a large, perfectly round mirror and held it up to me so he could see inside my body. I looked away but ended up peeking a bit and saw the reflection of my organs and blood and bone in the mirror. When I asked him, telepathically, ‘How do I look?” he replied, “Oh, you just need a little vacuuming out. In our world it would happen instantly but in yours it’s going to take time.” 🙂 So there.

Thus, began my quest to find the perfect cleanse! This brought me straight to Curezone where I ended up being a moderator for 2 years – answering questions and posting helpful information 8 to 10 hours a day! Until they changed their website you could search my username, Tracey, and see that I had posted over 8000 times! Ha! I loved those two years. I supported and encouraged hundreds of people on their bowel cleanses, liver flushes, master cleanses and apple fasts. After a while they gave me my own Astrology Forum and Dream Forum and then we got to combine cleansing with dreams and astrology! SOOOoo fantastic. I remember feeling, at that time, that I had finally found my calling – I had never felt so fulfilled in my life. (Neptune in Aquarius was sextiling my Sun and Venus in Sagittarius and my planet, Jupiter, conjoined my MC and began transiting my 10th house)

So, what did I learn there? That there are a whole slew of easy-to-do, inexpensive cleanses that will clean the toxins out of your body and keep you healthy 🙂

Here are my favourite cleanses and links on the subject…

Bowel Cleansing Options

This is my favourite way to cleanse the bowel. It is super simple – you just take Bentonite Clay & Psyllium ‘shakes’ three times a day for as long as you think it necessary. Eliminate the mucoid plaque that sticks to your intestines blocking the assimilation of nutrients from your food and feel great!

What is Mucoid Plaque? Good question! Dr. Anderson answers it: “The intestines can store a vast amount of partially digested, putrefying matter (as well as drugs and other toxic chemicals – for decades even. Some intestines, when autopsied, have weighed up to 40 pounds and were distended to a diameter of 12 inches with only a pencil-thin channel through which the feces could move.

That 40 pounds was due to caked layers of encrusted mucus mixed with fecal matter, bizarrely resembling hardened blackish-green truck tire rubber or an old piece of dried rawhide. I call this mucoid plaque. This mucoid plaque, when it is removed during an intensive colon cleanse, often shows ropelike twists, striations, overlaps, folds, creases – the shape and texture of the intestinal wall.” More details here.

Bentonite and Psyllium Bowel CleanseYou can read about how my boyfriend-at-the-time pooed out a bright and shiny 1974 penny that he had swallowed when he was a little boy, on a little-boy whim, after he and his friends had been cleaning pennies in a vinegar solution! True and hilarious story! He was only on Day 6 of B&P shakes three times a day and he was eating steamed vegetables and brown rice, mainly – annnnd out the penny came! He was totally shocked and couldn’t believe it! He had two friends who were doctors and he told them about the experience and both of them said, separately, “That’s impossible. There is no where for that penny to hide”. (there ya go!! The narrow-mindedness of conventional doctors revealed!!) But, he said, “It’s not impossible – because it happened!“. And, in fact, there are 25 feet of squished together intestines – so, I would say there are plenty of crannies a penny could hide and obviously there were! How cool is it that the Bentonite Clay and Psyllium shakes got it out?! If they can remove a penny that has been stuck for 26 years then surely they can remove some mucoid plaque and other toxins 🙂 If you do any cleanse at all, you gotta do this one. It is a good one!

Here is a page on Everything-You-Need-to-Know-About-Bowel-Cleansing-but-were-afraid-to-Ask 🙂 including the fact that 90% of seratonin (the happy chemical) is synthesized in the gastro-intestinal tract. A very good reason to keep your intestines and clean and toxin-free: You’ll be Happier!

Does ingesting Bentonite Clay make you nervous? Don’t fear 🙂 “Some people are concerned about the aluminum in bentonite. Yes, it does have aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on the earth. However, Bentonite has a negative electrical charge, so Bentonite cannot be absorbed by the body. The epithelium cells of the gut are also negatively charged. Like the polar opposites of two magnets repelling one another, the cells of our bowels absolutely repel the Bentonite from entering the inner sanctum of our bodies. This means that you never need to be concerned about taking the bentonite clay and psyllium shakes. Dr. Anderson has probably set the world’s record in the consuming of bentonite. Not only has he no signs of aluminum poisoning, but also hair analysis has never indicated any abnormal levels of aluminum in his body. Does he still use bentonite? Absolutely.”

If you need some cleanse inspiration read Zule’s post on how her cleansing went with the Holistic Horizon’s Cleanse. I’ve never done that one – but it sounds like a good one and has no herbal laxatives: no cascara sagrada. We always advise against cleanses that include cascara sagrada, which is a natural laxative, because it would be terrible if your body got dependent on it. But, if you are prone to constipation and your warm-water drinking isn’t helping you to move your bowels you may want to get a cleanse that does have cascara sagrada in it. But only then.

More inspiration from Ptree when she did the Holistics Horizon Cleanse.

Bowel CleanseYour reading isn’t done yet, noooooo!! You must read The Dr. Within’s article, “Journey to the Center of the Colon” so that you really understand the importance of keeping your intestines clean and functioning. We live in a very chemical, processed, toxic world right now so cleansing is imperative 🙂

Parasite Cleansing Options

You can do your parasite cleanse at the same time that you do your bowel cleanse but you just have to be careful about the timing since both the B&P shakes and the parasite herbs need to be taken on an empty stomach. If this is too much work just do the parasite cleanse before or after the bowel cleanse – either works.

The best Parasite Cleanses contain wormwood, black walnut and cloves. The best I’ve heard of are Paragone, Clarkia or Old Amish Dewormer. CoQ10 kills tapeworms, specifically. Check out Tiratu’s post on her 20″ parasite! Eeeeek.

Liver and Gallbladder Flushes

Back in 2002 and 2003 I did about six liver flushes. They are not pleasant! After swallowing the emulsified olive oil and fresh-squeezed grapfruit juice drink I would lie down to sleep and invariably wake up in the wee hours of the morning feeling nauseous. But, very satisfyingly, I eliminated the most cholesterol liver balls the first time (probably 50 or so) and by the end of my sixth flush there were just a few! SO, that felt great! It’s true I’d been doing a lot of cleansing but I recall feeling really awake and that my eyesight was clear and sharp. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Liver meridian ‘opens to the eyes’, after all! Healthy Liver, Healthy Eyes! The Chinese also say that the Liver is the “General of the Body” so if your liver isn’t functioning at it’s highest level then the rest of you likely isn’t either.

Intraheptic Liver StoneCheck out this Intraheptic Liver Stone, still inside the liver. This was exactly what my liver ‘stones’ looked like! Golden coloured. Other people experience green liver ‘stones’. Many people have had their stones analysed and have found that they contain mostly cholesterol and bilirubin. Olive oil, as you know, has zero cholesterol 🙂

This is my modified and perfected 🙂 Hulda Clark Liver Flush. I use less epsom salts than is suggested so the flush feels gentler and I start the day with Master Cleanse Lemonade so that I feel less nauseous when I’m sleeping. Try it!

This is the Traditional Hulda Clark Liver Flush

Here is Dr. Schulze’s 5-day Liver Flush. Not as dramatic as the Hulda Clark Liver Flush, but is definitely beneficial.

Andreas Mortiz’s excellent tips and insights into Liver function and liver flushes.

Eat good fats and your liver and gallbladder will be happy!

Edgar Cayce suggests Castor Oil Packs for a myriad of health issues: Castcholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder), poor eliminations, epilepsy, various liver conditions such as cirrhosis and torpid liver, scleroderma, headaches, appendicitis, arthritis, incoordination between assminilations and eliminations, colitis, intestinal disorders such as stricture and colon impaction, incoordination between nervous systems, neuritis, toxemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, heavy menstruation, healing surgical or other wounds, fibromyalgia, acne, constipation, bone spurs, dissolve any sort of growth, lump, tumor or cyst (diseases caused by “Blood Stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine), psoriasis, gout, kidney stones, hypertension, high blood pressure, serves to relieve abdominal congestion due to sluggishness of the lymphatic circulation and dissolves warts and unwanted moles! And this list is by no means complete! 🙂  Even healthy people should do a castor oil pack at least once a month! My link explains how to do the castor oil packs step by step and this link shares some of Edgar Cayce’s own recommendations about when and how to use the packs.

Fasting Options

I love Fasting! My two favourite fasts are The Master Cleanse Lemonade Fast and the 3-Day Edgar Cayce Apple Fast.

Discover the Master Cleanse Detox
The Master Cleanse Lemonade: limes or lemons, cayenne, water and Grade C Maple Syrup – that’s it!

Need some Inspiration?

The Master Cleanse Fast does the following:

To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entre body.
To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
To relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
To build a healthy blood stream.
To keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.


When do you need to Master Cleanse?

When sickness has developed—for all acute and chronic conditions.
When the digestive system needs a rest and a cleansing.
When overweight has become a problem.
When better assimilation and building of body tissue is needed.
When you find yourself allergic to too many things.
When you don’t feel connected to your higher self.
When you’re feeling like all your energy is used up on the physical level with none left over for spiritual matters.

The Master Cleanse can be combined with Bentonite & Psyllium Shakes as well as a Parasite Cleanse…resulting in the ‘Ultimate Cleanse’. 🙂 One of my all-time favourites, especially when you end it with a Liver Flush!

I share how I felt doing the Master Cleanse and B&P shakes here.

The Ultimate Cleanse – some extra tips about scheduling the B&P’s, Salt Water Flushes (I can’t do those!) and the Parasite Cleanse.


Check out my page on one of my favourite cleanses: The 3-Day Apple Fast.

Here is my post on why Edgar Cayce suggests doing the 3-Day Apple Fast to detox on a cellular level. 

Read about how my step-dad got rid of his life-long allergies by doing a 3-Day Pear Fast with B&P shakes that segued into a Liver Flush and changing his diet. My step-dad had gotten to the point with his hay fever where he had to sleep sitting up because he could barely breathe! I really wanted to help him so I suggested a Pear Fast instead of the Apple Fast because pears heal the lungs and bronchitis. The effect was dramatic and instant! Check out my post to read his emails telling me that he can cut the grass without sneezing and wheezing after only two days on the Pear Fast and how he actually stopped snoring, too! Wow. Dramatic 🙂 I just reminisced about this with my mom and she added, “And he hasn’t had an allergy since!” It is now 2017 and he did this Pear Fast in 2003! 🙂 That’s impressive.

The Doctor Within has a grrrrreat page on explaining what Allergies are and how most people are really just covering up the symptoms and ignoring the main cause: toxins! He is funny and it’s a very easy read – not dry at all – and, most important of all, very informative. You’ll get it!

Here is The Doctor Within’s page of Articles. My favourites are: A Normal Life (short), The Last Resort, The New West Diet, Journey to the Center of your Colon, Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity, Sugar: The Sweet Thief of Life, Natural Whole Food Vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C! Enjoy your reading! 🙂

My CureZone Post on how to piece together a good, sound, Cleansing Schedule.


And…if you happen to have a case of the blues or feel flat, why not check out my Cure for the Blues page? You can add your cleanse to the personalized Chart you create and start cleansing inside and out! 🙂

Remember to drink a lot of warm water every day while you cleanse. You need to flush all those toxins out quickly and warm water is a great way to ensure that. Detox headaches are normal and to be expected – but the more warm water you drink, the better. (remember that warm water stimulates peristalsis and cold water does not)

Happy Cleansing!

27 thoughts

  1. Hi Tracey,
    Thank you for such greatly informative post! And thank you for being such a wonderful person. It does come through your post that you genuinely care to help people.
    I have been obsessing recently with cleansing/detox (LOL) and the information on your website is invaluable.
    I have some questions please.
    1) Is there any downside to taking P&B long term? Some people say that you should not take bentonite regularly. One herbalist/healer said that you should not take bentonite more often than twice a week as it causes phosphorus and potassium depletion. I read one woman’s review on Amazon that after 6 months she was taken to emergency as her potassium was so low but I do not know how much she took.
    I think that you say that someone can take 3 to 5 P&B a day for 6 months? Some people do take it on regular basis for many years although, once again, I do not know how much. Anyway could you shed some more light on it please and not just about potassium and phosphorus but anything else. Things like beneficial bacteria, vitamin, nutrient, minerals absorption etc. Does P&B interfere with anything?
    2) It is a great idea to do MC and the other cleanses at the same time. I was actually going to do juice feasting as per this website http://juicefeasting.com/ together with the other cleanses (colon, liver, parasite etc.) I believe that the other cleanses are part of their program too. What do you think of doing a juice feasting ( instead of MC) and the other cleanses together? What would the pros and cons be?
    3) I am also looking for a program that would do a good job at intra and extracellular cleaning as well. I was surprised that you wrote that MC purifies the cells. I did not know that. I thought that only juice feasting could do that because you are bathed in all these nutrients from your juices.
    Sorry about the longish post. I am just very excited to do a cleanse(s) and I am eager to start on a good program.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Alina! Awwww thank you so much for your kind words!

      So, yeah, I totally understand how one can get obsessed with cleansing and detoxing…and once you feel the improvements (and see strange things in your toilet!) the obsession will be validated! 🙂

      I’m not a doctor but the following answers come from 16 years of experience:

      1. I wouldn’t take bentonite forever. The longest I’ve ever done the B&P shakes was 50 days – I felt like that really cleaned me out. I think you’ll know when to stop. One shouldn’t take any supplements within 30 minutes of taking the Bentonite just to be on the safe side. I include a fantastic link here that’ll answer ALL your Bentonite questions: http://www.bentoniteclayinfo.com/clay_info/articles/frequently_asked_questions.htm

      2. I have never done a juice fast myself (which is kind of strange when I think about it!). What I remember hearing is that fruits break down/cleanse and vegetables build up/repair so if you’re juice fast is heavy on the fruits it’s always best to end it with juices that are heavy on the vegetables. You have to get the timing down just right if you’re going to combine the Paraiste cleanse with the Bentonite & Psyllium shakes 3X a day. I just had an experience where I had a pain in my intestine for five months and I just did B&P shakes 3X a day and on the fifth day I eliminated about ten dead roundworms! Ugh. Seriously! In all my years of cleansing I have never eliminated worms! Freaky. I had no idea that bentonite and psyllium acted like a parasite cleanse, too! But I did some googling and found that bentonite actually suffocates the worms – and, it worked for me! That’s all I was taking! (now I am taking the usual parasite herbs in order to kill the other stages) The pain in my intestine totally went away, too 🙂 Wow. Seriously B&P shakes are my favourite thing – it was on day four or five that my ex-ex boyfriend eliminated a 1974 penny that he had swallowed when he was nine years old, too! Sooo…yep, if you do anything, just do the B&P shakes – it’s inexpensive and SO easy. The Apple Fast is easy and effective, too. (you can take the B&P shakes, too) You can do a liver flush at the end of the 3 days of either Apple Fast or the MC or your juice fast 🙂

      3. I have been gearing up to do a water fast myself….I KNOW how extremely good it is for your body to fast like this and just read this great article that says, “The research showed that the act of fasting triggered a switch to flip in the body, signalling it to begin a “stem-cell based regeneration of the hematopoietic system.” It forced the body to use up its stores of glucose, fat and ketones, and also started to break down a large number of white blood cells. The loss of white blood cells flagged the body to, in turn, regenerate new immune system cells.” (NEW Immune System CELLS! That’s what we need! 🙂 ) Here’s the article: http://awarenessact.com/study-finds-that-fasting-for-72-hours-can-regenerate-the-entire-immune-system/?=wuw

      So, yeah, I’m in the middle of cleansing again, too and have gotten all of my friends on the B&P shakes – it was only about a month ago now that I passed the dead worms. Eeeeek. Feeling SO much better!

      Keep me posted!

      1. Thank you so much Tracey for such a thoughtful response! Sorry about the delay. For some reason I did not get a notification that you have responded to my questions.
        Anyway, I would love to exchange some more ideas with you. Is there an email address that I could reach you at? Alternatively you could contact me at alinan22 at gmail.com
        Thank you!

  2. Great article Tracey. Tom Woloshyn who wrote a book on Master Cleanse, apparently he studied under Stanley B, says that the B&P should be done only if someone is using colema board. He does not explain why. Any possible problems with B&P? Maybe the psyllium is considered a food? I also worry about the lemon damaging my teeth, especially if I was to do the Master Cleanse for more than the 10 days. Have you heard anything with that respect?

    1. Hi Barb! I have done the B&Ps sooooo often and watched good friends and boyfriends do them too, with GREAT results – there is absolutely zero danger in doing them. What I love about the B&P shakes is that there are no herbs in the mix – so no cascara sagrada to help things along (and become dependent on!)…just the psyllium that expands and acts purely as a physical scrubber…and the bentonite that sucks all the toxins up on it’s way out with the psyllium. Easy and simple. You don’t need to do enema’s because the psyllium scrubs everything out – you’ll see – your movements will be cleaner. Did you read the link where my ex boyfriend pooped out a 1974 penny he’d swallowed as a 9 year old? Yup! And, more recently, a month or so ago I started taking some B&P and on day 4 or 5 I pooed out about ten dead worms!! Ugh. They looked like rice noodles. I’ve never seen that in ALL my years of cleansing. What surprised me was that I wasn’t doing a parasite cleanse at all – just the B&P shakes! After some research I read that the bentonite actually SUFFOCATES worms. So…yay! 🙂

      I know that some people do have sensitive teeth when they do the Master Cleanse. When you drink your lemonade (I usually drink it out of a wine bottle) just try not to get it all over your teeth. I know some who rinse with baking soda water, too, so you might want to try that 🙂

      Good luck and happy cleansing!!

      1. Thank you for your response. It is a great advise about the rinse with baking soda. That might do it.
        So to clarify – you do not use any laxatives or salt water flushes while on the master cleanse? If this is the case then how many bowel movements do you get?
        It did not make sense to me that B&P would not be OK on the mc. I see if I can contact the guy and see how he explains it. Maybe he just wants to keep it as close as possible to the original author.

        1. Hi Barb!

          Ooh right, the salt water flushes – I have nevvvvver been able to do them so I just leave them out. Our motto at Curezone was always to do what feels right for you – we don’t want to torture ourselves 🙂 And, I don’t use laxatives, no. That’s why I do the B&P so that there is something actually to move through your system….and to eliminate. Without the B&Ps bowel movements are minimal and it’s rather uneventful…and I really like to see results so that’s why i do the B&Ps three times a day. I totally get how people like to follow instructions exactly but I am a big believer in adapting regimens to suit yourself…your own body wisdom…all that, too.

          I can understand not doing the B&Ps when you’re doing a water or dry fast because then you’re not really fasting – but the MC has minerals and ‘food’ in it even though it’s liquid so the B&Ps wouldn’t be adding ‘food’ to the MC since there are already nutrients that the body has to deal with.

          Would love to hear how it goes for you!

          1. Thank you!
            It says on your site that liver flush can be done directly after the MC but I thought that you have to introduce food gradually starting with juices, fruit etc. If I drink so much oil at the end of MC, isn’t it going to kill me? lol
            Second question. I know that MC has some nutrients but I was wondering what about the people who do it for more than 10 days. 20, 40 or more. Apparently one woman did it for 372 days! Aren’t they going to get depleted in some nutrients? Does MC become dangerous at any point and how someone would know when to stop MC whether because of danger/potential injury or simply because body is all cleaned up and rejuvenated? You do not what to do MC for longer than necessary, I assume, but I do not know how someone decides when to stop.

          2. Hi Barb! Hahahhaha nooooo not to worry all that oil is not going to kill you! It’s a funny drink the fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and the virgin olive oil because when you shake it up in the jar it emulsifies and it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking oil at all! Drinking the oil/juice isn’t at all like having a big steak dinner with baked potato…(coming off a fast eating big meaty dinners like that is deinitely not the best!) I’ve found that moving directly into the liver flush from the MC makes the liver flush very very easy to do – and I feel less nauseous in the night when I’m sleeping since I haven’t eaten anything in days (except the lemonade).

            Hmmmm…I’m no expert on longer than 10 day MC fasts. I remember one person I knew did it for 40 days and she felt great. I think you really just have to listen to your body. You could also try 24 hour DRY fasts every now and then….apparently 24 hours of dry fasting (where you don’t drink or eat anything) are like 3 days of water fasting…here’s a link to that information: http://awarenessact.com/study-finds-that-fasting-for-72-hours-can-regenerate-the-entire-immune-system/?=wuw Make sure that you eat really nutrient-rich food in between fasting and cleansing so that you load up on nutrients, too. You can do that before you start a fast, too…

  3. Thank you again!

    In a post above (answer to Alina) you say not to use bentonite for more than 50 days in a row. Here http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Body_B&P.html under Day 2, second paragraph you say Your first Bowel Cleanse using B&P’s can be done for up to 6 months “ Could you clarify please.

    So the cleanses you mention clean up our digestive system but what about parasites in other parts of our body? How do we get rid of these? Any ideas? You can see that I am on a mission lol.
    The same question about heavy metals detox.

    1. Hi Barb!

      Right – hmmm – I am guessing that when I was moderating at Curezone that was what people were doing – bowel cleanses for up to 6 months – but I’ve only ever done the B&P shakes for 50 days straight. I think you’d probably find that that is quite enough…but you never know. Gotta listen to your own body 🙂

      Well, as I found out last month the B&P shakes actually suffocate worms as well! I had NO idea…it wasn’t my intention to do a parasite cleanse – I just started doing the B&P shakes because I felt ‘off’ and like there were toxins swirling around in my body. Soooo after just 4 or 5 days I eliminated about 10 dead worms about 6″ long! They looked like rice noodles – I couldn’t believe my eyes! Sooooo, yep, the B&P shakes help out with parasite, too. After that I did the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse protocol (black walnut, wormwood, cloves) to kill all the stages (eggs?) of the worms, too. So, I’d start there if I were you 🙂

      I am planning on getting my mercury fillings out in May – and then once that’s done I’m going to follow the 9 week protocol from the book, “The Toxin Solution” to detox all my organs. I’ll add 10 drops of organic cilantro tincture to water before bed for a few weeks, too, as Dr. Klinghardt recommends that. I hope that’ll get you started!

      1. Thank you as usual!
        So I am on day 2 of the master cleanse (yey!)
        Nothing major so far although I did notice that I am feeling down quite often. I think it is quite common when doing MC and especially water fasts, isn’t it?
        I have a question regarding poop lol. The master cleanse book says that you should go 2 to 4 times a day. How is it possible if I am not eating? Could you please clarify this? I am not really expecting any bowel movements from now on unless some mucoid plaque occasionally.
        I took today 1 B&P shake today. How fast should I introduce more of them?
        I am planning on following The Toxin Solution as well. It is a great book in a way that covers everything without overwhelming you with recommendations of too many things to take or do.
        I am also considering the Green Smoothie Girl program too.