Surprise, Surprise! How I came to Find Myself Living in Mexico…


I’ve told the story about how I ended up moving to Mexico in 2005 soooooo many times…but usually in an abridged form. Here, however, I can tell you the whole, crazy, fantastic, synchronistic tale complete with the numerological, astrological and mayan astrological details! I hope it inspires you to ask for guidance (make sure to give the Universe a deadline!), await the answer with calm expectancy…and then follow that guidance… 🙂

It was during the Blue Crystal Storm year, 2004, that I felt an urge to break free of the ten year relationship I was in. Allowing the truth of the matter to bubble up from my subconscious self into the light of my consciousness was difficult…but then deciding what to do and if it truly was the right thing to do became the most torturous ordeal. (we all know that breaking up is soooooo tormenting!)

It was at the beginning of November, 2004, while in the grips of the torture that is wondering if you should break up or not, that I had the revelation: I can leave! Since my job is portable, I can actually take off on a working holiday... SO, I started thinking about where I could go for a couple of months. I’ve always loved Europe so I automatically thought of France or Italy. I got right into searching for a holiday rental in both countries but, to my dismay, I couldn’t find a thing that fit! None of the places called my name. I couldn’t see myself in any of them. None of the rentals made me excited. So, I was stumped and it didn’t look like I was going anywhere. This was really odd because my forte really is finding wonderful places to stay in foreign countries!! (I’m a Sagittarius with a Sagittarius Venus, after all 🙂 ) The great idea seemed to be slipping away…

Then the 24-hour period that changed my life happened 🙂

It was Friday, November 12th, 2004 and I was having one of those hair-pullingly frustrating computer days. I could not send any messages! I could receive messages just fine, but my outbox was full of unsent messages! Argh. I spent hours, with my brothers help (he’s the expert!) trying to fix the problem but in the end neither of us could fix it and my brother said that he had never seen anything like it before! Ha! It was a unique-to-me problem! I knew this situation was highly symbolic and that there had to be a message for me in all of this not-being-able-to-send stuff, but I couldn’t figure it out. Was this issue reflecting my inability to send? But send what? What was going on here??

So, it was in the middle of this frustrating and energetically-challenged day that my boyfriend and I started a serious relationship conversation. Ugh. I ended up blurting out: I need to be alone! I need a change! I feel like I’m going to die, if I don’t make a change!  (Was this the message I needed to send, but couldn’t? Did the frustrating computer situation force me to express how I was really feeling?) Of course, this was an extremely difficult thing to say when you’ve been in a relationship for ten years, but out it came. He left the room and I cried and cried and cried.

Then, with tears in my eyes and feeling utterly lost and hopeless I looked up to the heavens and pleaded, with the most sincere intensity ever: “Universe!! Show me where to go!! I need to go somewhere but I can’t find a place to go!! Show me! Give me a sign within 24 hours and I will go there!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!”  I was desperate and the Universe felt it 🙂 Looking back I feel like this is key: sincere feeling with a lot of intensity and a true desire to receive help! And perhaps conveying the feeling that you will follow the guidance when you receive it! 🙂 Right?

Interestingly, it was during the intense, transformative Red Serpent Wavespell, with it’s run of ten GAP days, that started on November 9th, that my intense plea to the Universe for help took place! GAP days are Galactic Activation Portal days and it is said that the veil is thinner and emotions and thoughts are magnified at that time so it makes sense that my plea was heard! 🙂


So, after my frustrating-awful day, I continued on with the plan for Friday night, which was to go over to my friend’s house with another good friend to sit by the fire and have some drinks. The plans changed slightly, though, when my friend asked if one of her best friends could come for the sleep-over as well. We said, sure! I’d only met this woman briefly once before. We all had a great time, although, as I recall I was a little dull, but trying to make the best of it 🙂 I didn’t mention the fact that I had made a plea to the big U to give me a sign as to where I could go, though.

Thennnnn….the next morning, 16 hours after I’d made my plea to the Universe, we all went for breakfast and out-of-the-blue this new friend started talking about a great little fishing and surfing village she visited in Mexico. My ears perked up! I loved everything she said about this village! I looked at my other friend who knew that I had been wanting to go on a working holiday and she felt the electricity, too. An explosion of knowingness too place inside me as I told everyone that I had requested a sign within 24 hours that would give me a huge, unmistakeable road sign pointing me to where I needed to go. Well, the sign was here! In 16 hours flat! Thank you Universe!

The reason why I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Sayulita was where I was meant to go was because I’d had two dreams about Mexico one month earlier, in October, before the idea of needing to go away even entered my conscious mind! As I wrote my dreams down I recall thinking, “Whaaaat?? Mexico?? Why in the world would I dream of Mexico?” After all, I’d never been there, had no conscious desire to go there and had, essentially, zero interest in Mexico or the tropics! I loved Europe and thought I’d end up living in France! That’s what makes this story soooooo crazy 🙂

In the Mexico dreams of October 2004 there were groups of young, creative, friendly people (yup!), young men that liked me (always nice!), crumbling buildings (my own structure/self crumbling and transforming. I was in an 11-Spectral-Letting Go-Liberation year after all!! Find out what personal year you are in right now and Pluto had just started to square my natal Chiron/Saturn. More destruction-of-old-Self stuff!)….and there was even a dark-skinned lover who dazzled me with our first kiss (that’s another story that happened to come true! 🙂 ) So, Mexico it was! The sign was clear!

The clincher was (as if I needed more confirmation!) the fact that the name of the village, Sayulita, numerologically, is a 27/9….and my Life Path, based on my birthday, is a 27/9 as is my name: Tracey. Crazy eh?!

You can find out what your Life Path is and what your Name adds up to by clicking here.

My friend and I have been saying for years now, as we have opened up to being aware of all the synchronicities and stunning magicalness of Life: I can’t believe it!!! But….we are trying to change our exclamation to:can believe it!! (chuckle)

So, to finish the story off, I went home that Saturday November 13th, quickly found a super-beautiful place in the jungle near the beach to rent for two months with wifi so I could work and booked my flight to Mexico for January and February 2005. This trip changed the whole direction of my life. It was like I entered a whole new life….a new version of myself…and a life that was a huge surprise!

living_in_mexico_carricitos_energy_transformation_purificationOnce I got to my casita in Sayulita on January 5, 2005, I spent most of my time simply enjoying being by myself. I’d sit on the boulders that were surrounded by powerful waves, I’d write, I’d take photos. It just felt so good to be alone, in a foreign country, doing exactly what I wanted to do. It turned out that Pluto started it’s first exact square to my natal Chiron/Saturn in Pisces in the 5th house within just day of my arrival. I felt like I was in the perfect place for this transit since Pluto was about to demolish any of my structures of Self that were self-limiting, restricting and based on fear. The beach that was a couple of small bays over, and that I had to walk to in order to walk to town felt, to me, like the epicenter of this kind of energy. A set of boulders sit out in the ocean with the waves crashing powerfully all around them and it feels, to me, like the energy there wants to pound all the outdated structures of self that you’ve built up over the years (Saturn) right out of you…then it fills you up with pure life-affirming power. It is a very powerfully healing place. 


It wasn’t until the second month there that I felt like I’d had enough seclusion and started meeting more people. My White Dog guide sure did a good job guiding me towards my companions of destiny! 🙂

You can find out what your mayan guide is guiding you by looking up your mayan astrological signature here

When my two months in Sayulita were up I thought that I’d go back to Victoria, be with my boyfriend and perhaps visit Sayulita once a year. But…..that did not happen. After three days at home, we broke up and three weeks later I was back down in Sayulita! Shocker. It was on this next three-month stay that I met the great kisser in my dreams 🙂 and we ended up being in a relationship for ten years! Loco! To have had a dream in October, 2004 about someone I wouldn’t meet until April 2005 and to top it off this person lives in a foreign country that, in October, I had no desire to even visit! Just mind-boggling. Actually, many characters in both my Mexico dreams came true in real life.  I love it! 

Sooooo, I guess the point of this whole post is to remind you to request assistance or guidance when you need it! Your guides, the Universe, and your Higher Self are right there just waiting to fulfill your request! 🙂


I like what Seth says about living life using “The Magical Approach” :

“The magical approach takes it for granted, in the simplest terms, that the life of any individual will fulfill itself, will develop and mature, that the environment and the individual are uniquely suited and work together. This sounds very simple. In verbal terms, however, those are the beliefs (if you will) of each CELL. They are inprinted in each chromosome, in each atom. They provide a built-in faith that pervades each living creature, each snail, each hair on your head. Those ingrained beliefs are, of course, biologically pertinent, providing the impetus of all growth and development.”

Energies available that you can use if you feel stuck and need change:

Uranus transits help you to facilitate radical change and to create more personal freedom in your life and Pluto transits support your healing and deep transformation: Go here to find out which transits you have right now.

Perhaps it’s a Blue Storm Year? They cycle around every four years and start on July 26th and end on July 25th of these years: July 2004 to July 2005, July 2008 to July 2009, July 2012 to July 2013, July 2016 to July 2017, July 2020 to July 2021. Look back on these periods to see if you experienced transformation and breakthrough to freedom…

Use the powerful Galactic Activation Portal days of either the Red Serpent Wavespell or the Yellow Seed Wavespell to open you to receiving guidance about your Path, to propel you towards what you desire and to receive inspiration.


Update: In 2008 I bought land in Mexico and in 2009 I started building a house that I designed! What a magically circuitous route it took to get me here! Dreams, request for a clear sign within 24 hours and…Action!

Remember to dream…to dream all the time!

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  1. Hi Tracey!

    Thank you for creating such an abundant and thorough resource for self awareness and realization. Truly incredible how much there is to be explored all in one package. Fascinating to see how you have integrated and woven together each element.

    To come across your web resource was quite serendipitous and such a blessing. Felt called to write a msg here for you not just as a form of gratitude but also to acknowledge the affirming synchronistic event that I will be in Sayulita next week.

    Am always open and curious to connect with kindred spirits. Thought to reach out to you as I find your collection inspiring and would love to meet you in person should you be open to it.

    What ever the outcome, a big thank you is what I would like to share!

    Happiest of Holidays and bringing in a beautiful 2018.


    1. Justin! I was sick with the horrid flu for the past few weeks…I’m sorry I missed you but so happy you’ve enjoyed my site. I love synchronicity!! I hope you had some magic time in Sayulita! 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey,

    Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful gifts with the world. I would love to purchase a personal session with you. Are you available for one on one work via skype/facetime?

    Kind Regards,

    Christiana Eva

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