What are Galactic Activation Portal Days?


There are 52 GAP days in each Tzolkin cycle and they are represented in the image below by the green squares. On these days the veil between the physical and non-physical world is thinner and it’s easier to access the akashic records, guidance, inspiration and your manifestation abilities!

If you were born on a Galactic Activation Portal day that might explain your unusual gifts and the odd phenomenon you magnetize to yourself!

Intensity and amplification are the keywords for GAP days. Whatever you are feeling will be amplified – both positive or negative, so be conscious and co-create wisely and with some flair! If you want to manifest something, now is the time!

You’ll notice that the Red Serpent and Yellow Seed wavespells have ten GAP days each. These are intense wavespells! (and intense people who were born in these wavespells!) The Red Serpent Wavespell can be likened to entering a portal to a less 3-D atmosphere where you access the goodies and guidance offered there…then….you traverse the central spine with the gifts you’ve just earned and been gifted and then you enter the other portal back to our 3-D world through the Yellow Seed wavespell. It’s always interesting to see where you’ve been spat out…is the world you’re inhabiting the same world that you left when you entered the Red Serpent Wavespell?

Sooooo, of course, this is an excellent period to be aware of and to use for the highest good of your life and the world around you!

On a personal note….It was during the Red Serpent wavespell in November 2004 that I pleaded, intensely with the Universe to give me a clear sign to show me where to go within 24 hours and….it did! That’s how I ended up living in Mexico! My life did a 180. And the cool thing is…I wasn’t aware of the GAP days at the time….but, nevertheless, I was compelled to request some guidance. The veil was thin and the door was open.

Never under estimate GAP days. An intense, sincere request to the Universe or your guides to help you out will not go un-noticed!! 🙂


Use the Tzolkin calendar grid, above, to find your wavespell and to see when the Galactic Activation Portal (GAP) days are.

To find your personal wavespell first locate your day keeper (Red Dragon? Blue Night? Yellow Star? White Mirror?) wherever it is on the left vertical column. Then move across horizontally until you find your Tone. Keep your fingers on this square – this is your Galactic Signature’s square! Go here if you can’t remember what your Tone looks like 🙂 

Then, from your square move up up up until you find 1 dot. Look over to the left to see what Daykeeper is there and, voila, that’s the daykeeper that your personal wavespell starts with!

Example: I am a White Crystal Mirror. My personal wavespell starts with Blue Hand. My Galactic Birthday is always on the 12th day of my wavespell: the Crystal Mirror day.

Enjoy your Explorations!

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